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Preparations for the 2014 Reunion in Branson, MO have been finalized.
See the Upcoming Reunion page for all the details.

Gene Combs has composed a day-by-day history of Begor's activites during WWII.
See the "Crew's News" page Table of Contents item THIS DAY IN HISTORY. (11/09/10)

The "Gray Ghost of The Korean Coast", USS Begor APD-127, makes her presence known at Hungnam on December 24, 1950.

See a dramatic video clip of the evacuation of US troops from Hungnam, North Korea on Christmas Eve 1950. USS Begor appears during the last few seconds of the 4-minute clip!
(With thanks to the website criticalpast.com)

For more info and photos see:
1. The Naval Historical Center website, 2. Our own History page, 3. And our Additional Links page.
Begor at Hungnam

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